Enjoy your stay in Kriens with one of the various excursions in the greater area. Two mountains – the Mount Pilatus (2’200 meter sover sea level) as well as the Sonnenberg – are offering you a big number of excursions and adventures just outside of your hotel room in Kriens. And don’t forget the huge adventure of Central Switzerland – a fascinating landscape between the City and the alps. Discover the Lake Lucerne and the various possibilities around between nature and history. The city of Lucerne with it’s old town, the world famous wooden bridge, the modern concert hall «KKL»  and the rich programme of culture is waiting for you in the close neighbourhood of Lucerne.

Start your trip trough Switzerland in Kriens. Or even better: Let us turn your stay in Kriens to your homebase during your stay in Switzerland.

A warm welcome to Kriens. The small and beautiful town between Pilatus and Lucerne.