Our local «small» mountain (2297ft above sea level) in Kriens, with a Fitness trail (Zurich Vita Parcours), a children’s playground and several BBQ grills. Reachable all the year round, it can be climbed from May to November by a more than hundred-year-old funicular railway. Very suitable for family outings either on foot or by car.

Enjoy our «little» mountain, a small paradise just one footstep out of Kriens. You’ll find there a titness trail (Zurich Vita Parcours) and a nording walking trail, a children’s playground and grills for BBQs, ideal for a family picnic as well as very special adventures out in the nature.

In earlier centuries, the mountain mines on Sonnenberg, Blattenberg and Hergiswald supplied iron for the manufacturers of hammers, scythes and nails in the valley of Kriens and the town of Lucern. The smelting was done in situ.

The iron mines of Menzingerweid were still in operation in the 17th century. In 1486 a shaft fell in and there were many deaths. After this incident, in the second part of the 19th century, coal was mined, an activity which was renewed during the two world wars.